Thailand Board of Investment

Board of Investment in Thailand

Thailand Board of Investment. In an effort to attract foreign direct investment, Thailand has established policies and incentives designed to promote certain types of businesses within the country. The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) plays a key role in this initiative. By registering a company under the BOI, businesses can take advantage of a number […]

US-Thailand Treaty of Amity

US-Thailand Treaty of Amity

The US-Thailand Treaty of Amity, also known as the Treaty of Amity and Economic Relations, is a special economic relationship between the United States and Thailand that offers significant business advantages. Enacted in 1966, the Treaty of Amity provides national treatment to American businesses, allowing them to maintain a majority shareholding or to wholly own […]

Representative Office in Thailand

Setting Up a Representative Office in Thailand

Representative Office in Thailand. With its robust economy and strategic location, Thailand provides a fertile ground for business expansion. For foreign companies looking to explore business opportunities, understand the market, or oversee their interests in Thailand without conducting direct sales, establishing a Representative Office can be an ideal option. This article will guide you through […]

Registering a Limited Company in Thailand

Limited Company Registration in Thailand

Registering a Limited Company in Thailand. Thailand is a vibrant and dynamic market that offers numerous opportunities for business. One common way to establish a business presence in Thailand is by registering a limited company. This type of business entity is favorable for both small and large enterprises as it limits the owners’ liability to […]

Property Title Transfer in Thailand

Transfer of Title in Thailand

Property title transfer is a crucial step in finalizing a real estate transaction. In Thailand, as in other countries, this process involves certain procedures and requirements. This article will guide you through where and when the property ownership transfer occurs, the necessary documents, taxes, and fees involved, the parties responsible for paying those taxes, and […]

Contract Review in Thailand

Contract Review in Thailand

Entering into a real estate transaction in Thailand, as in any country, involves legally binding agreements that lay out the terms and conditions of the sale. A sales contract is a critical document in this process, and its careful review is an essential step for prospective buyers to protect their interests. This article will cover […]

Property Due Diligence in Thailand

Property Due Diligence in Thailand

Purchasing property can be a significant investment, whether it’s for personal use or a commercial venture. This is especially true when the property is in a foreign country such as Thailand. There are many aspects to consider before finalizing a real estate transaction in Thailand, with property due diligence being one of the most critical […]

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