Child Custody

Child CustodyIf there is a dispute with regards to custody of your children then you have to obtain the services of a barrister in Thailand. This is one of the most difficult parts of divorce and also the most complex to deal with. Speak to a barrister in Thailand before you approach your Thai wife for a divorce and child custody in Thailand.

One of the many questions that due arise out of this situation is access to the children by either party. If you are leaving Thailand and not returning who get to have custody of the children and how would holidays and visitation work with regards to the children. Do you take them with you and bring them to Thailand once a year or do they live in Thailand and you visit them on an annual basis. It’s very difficult to settle these matters especially when there is also property involved with the divorce. What does occur many times is that the woman fights for the kids and demands the house in order to house them. So not only do you lose the house but also the children.

You barrister would have to provide you with the advice you need and you would have to decide what it is that you wish to have. Sometimes – as barbaric as it may sound but some have offered the house for the children. At times you need to be able to make this tough decision as long as you are able to have full custody and guardianship over the children.

If the children do stay behind what would be considered reasonable monthly maintenance for the children. Who pays for the medical accounts, do you leave them with private medical aid? There are many questions and issues to consider when it comes to children during the divorce.

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